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Engineers at CalTech have developed an algorithm for piloting a drone to scare birds away from airports.

#Compress Air Powered Car
A European manufacture has developed a car and mini-van that runs on compress air. It has sold production license to an Indian automobile manutfacture.

#Zinc Air Batteries
California based NantEnergy has created a rechargeable zinc-air battery storage system. It can provide power at a lower cost than the lithium-ion system. The zinc-air battery system delivers energy for $100 per kilowatt hour compared to the lithium-ion system which vary in price range from $300 to $500 per kilowatt hour.

Thermocouple, Unijunction Transistor, Transducer, Accelerometer, Control Area Network, MIMO

Fuzzy Logic, Analog Computers, Computer Programming, How To Chose The Right Op Amp, IP Address Architecture, PHP. Hall Effect Transistor, Resistor Types

The Internet Protocols listed below are used by almost all Internet Software Programs.

PPP- Peer to Peer Protocol
IP- Internet Protocol
UDP - User Datagram Protocol
DNS - Domain Name System
TCP - Transport Control Protocol

The Phase Lock Loop (PLL)

Phase Lock Loop Primer
PLL Frequecy Multiplier
PPL Frequency Multiplier/Divider
PLL Frequency Modulator


Oscillator Primer
RC Oscillators
LC Oscillators
Crystal Controlled Oscillatiors

Electronic Amplifier Classification

Amplifier Primer
Class A Amplifier
Class B Amplifier
Class C Amplifier
Class D Amplifier

Digital signal processing (DSP)

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