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# America's New Holocaust

Populist politicians have found a new scape goat to distract the American people from political corruption and economic disparity, undocumented immigrants. They are the new boogie man threating national security. The INS/ICE are rounding them up and putting them in separate prison camps, one for men, one for women and one for children.

What's next? Will they be forced to work in farm fields owned by corporations and food processors, build and maintain toll roads and bridges owned by construction companies, work in meat packing warehouses owned by restaurants? Or will they be exported to other countries for cheap labor and sexual exploitation?

# America's Old Holocaust

Why does Hollywood and the news medias keep commemorating the Jewish Holocaust in Europe? But, they have no interest in reminding us of the history of American Slavery, the force march of American Indians from their homelands in the south to reservations in Oklahoma (aka The Trail Of Tears) and the mass imprisonment of Japan-American during World War 2.

Why is that?

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