Quantum Network

The universe is an indivisible quantum system with infinite dimensions and aspects. It is a fractal network of quantum systems and interactions. Each system has wave/particle aspects and are fractal of two or more other systems..

When quantum systems interact, their particle aspects remains separate and maintains shades of their original attributes. Their wave aspects overlap and merge to become a new quantum system. The new system has it own wave/particle aspects and shares collective shades of wave attributes from other over lapping quantum systems.

Let's see what gives a quantum system its dual wave/particle aspect. The particle aspect has static attributes which give it a separate identity, The most important static attributes are mass, charge and spin magnitude. They are fixed for life, but the wave aspect has dynamic attributes that change with time. The major dynamic attributes are position, momentum, energy, and spin orientation.

The position attribute is associated with the impulse wave family of waveforms. Each family member is a narrow pulse located at different positions. It looks a point in space.

The momentum attribute is associated with the spatial sine wave family of wave forms. Each family member resembles a different spatial period stretching into the distance. It looks like an oscillating spring.

The energy attribute is associated with the temporal sine wave of family waveforms. Each family member represent s a different vibrating frequency. It sounds like a musical note.

The spin orientation attribute is associated with the spherical harmonic family of waveforms. Each family member represents a different value of spin magnitude and orientation. It looks like quivering jelly.

Whenever the waveforms of two or more quantum systems over lap and merge, a new quantum system is formed which has a network of local and non local quantum correlations with other quantum systems. Local correlations are a function of space-time and non local correlations are a function of quantum relationships which have faster than light communications. #Science

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